The services offered by Financial Vision SA, are based on concrete principles founded on transparency, fairness and personalized solutions, combining market knowledge, rigorous analysis and attention to risk management, in order to achieve value creating structured proposals and long-term success

Our company philosophy in portfolio management bases itself on the following key rules

Transparency customer can check any time our investment strategies, based on balancing scrupulously the level of risk depending on the growth potential of each asset category by type of investment and geographical area

Planning we aim to establish a strong relationship with our clients, based on solid foundations right from the very beginning, therefore we devote a great deal of attention in understanding their perception of the market, their needs and expectations 

Suggestions as financial markets are constantly on the move, we consider essential to anticipate them in a dynamic way and quickly to prevent unpleasant losses and giving way also to the opportunity to access and share the most appropriate investment choice

Customization cooperation and comparison provide a sustainable relationship based on trust between the customer and Financial Vision SA, therefore we consider essential to discuss and review constantly our investment policy

Information & Communication our added value is clarity and simplicity with which information is made available to the client and constitutes the basis for a long lasting relationship

Privacy cornerstone of our principles is to maintain the confidentiality and discretion of our existing and future clients and the strong belief in the healthy principle of complying with Swiss law